I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve claimed “I’d never, ever do.”

I was NEVER EVER going to work on another grant.

Last year, a group I belong to asked for help writing a grant. The result, a $30,000 award to support the association’s emergency relief fund for members in need. I’ve also written blogs, reports, and toolkits for grant recipients who needed helping showcasing the results of their efforts.

I would NEVER EVER give presentations.

In a former position, I resisted (honestly maybe even resented) that organization leaders were going to require all staff to travel and present. A big part of it was the travel, the other a fear of speaking to a crowd. Fast forward to 2022, and I’m leading group coaching events virtually and in-person. I’m blown about by how much I thrive on the energy that comes from guiding others to insights that create meaningful transformations.

NEVER EVER would I breed Bella.

A mate has been selected, we’re working with a veterinarian, and fingers crossed, will have a new addition to the herd in about 12 months.


Rather than claiming “I’ll never ever do…” to “Maybe down the road,” has presented opportunities to give back, find new passions, and (if we’re lucky) create new life, in ways I never could have predicted.

Thankfully, I had left space and was open to outcome.

  • What’s keeping you from trading in the tried and true for experiences that will challenge you in new ways?
  • Imagine we’re three years into the future…what could enrich your life if you swapped “no way” to “I’m open to exploration?”

What’s the “NEVER EVER” you’re ready to trade in?