As an entrepreneur or business leader, it’s not uncommon to get stuck inside your head, replaying your thoughts and ideas on an endless loop—especially when you’re unsure or unconfident on next steps.

We tell ourselves we’re too busy to sort through them, identify the right one and take action.

Ambiguity and perfectionism get in our way. They lead to analysis paralysis and procrastination. They waste precious time. They make us feel stagnant. And they force us to live and work in a reactive mode.

Even high-achievers need a thinking partner. Having the space to talk through ideas, and obstacles brings clarity, and clarity leads to confidence, which leads to action and momentum.

I’ve got a blueprint that I’ll walk you through in my 90-minute Firestarter Session, so you can break the persistent internal chatter that’s keeping you from getting traction and momentum in your business or project.

In my 90-minute Firestarter Session, you’ll narrow down the options to the best few, and I’ll help you identify an actionable plan for deploying the best idea.

By the end of our session, you’ll break the incessant internal dialogue, validate your thinking, and have a solid plan for moving forward so that you can act proactively rather than reactively.

We won’t tackle every challenge. Instead, we’ll focus on what you identify as your biggest obstacle, opportunity, or outcome so that you gain 10x return on your investment over the next several months.

I’ve been a business owner for 20 years and rely on thinking partners to talk through all the “big ideas,” pick the best one and leap forward. It’s alleviated the burden of “going it alone,” transformed my business to align with my goals/passions and driven exponential growth every single time.

I’m excited to do the same for you!

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“[Katie] guided me through the process of identifying and capitalizing on my strengths to build the career of my dreams. Within six months, I signed my first contract, and have had multiple feature articles published with a year.”

Jessica Lash

Owner, Jessica Lash Creative

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